About The Nude Investor

So you may be wondering who is this “Nude Investor” fellow?

My name is Sam and I’m a normal, average person probably not too dissimilar to yourself. I’m not a mutual fund manager, nor an investment banker. I don’t have access to bunch of market insiders who can give me hot stock tips ahead of the market and I don’t have millions of dollars at my disposal. What I DO have is REAL life experience investing and trading in the share market. That’s right, I have a day job and I invest and trade with my own heard earned money just like you.

A bit of background about myself – I’m 27, born and raised kiwi lad. I grew up playing sports, chasing tail and dreaming of what I could make of myself in this big wide world just like everyone else. After graduating from high school I traveled, went to uni and came out with a science degree majoring in geology. After a brief stint working for an engineering consulting firm in Auckland I decided to do what many kiwi’s do and jump the ditch to the luck county (Australia) in chase of the the big opportunities and the even bigger pay packets. After finally paying off my sizable student loan it was here that I first became interested in investing my new found disposable income.

I decided to start The Nude Investor to share what I have learnt on my investing journey so far by sharing my big wins, my gut wrenching (and bank balance destroying) losses and all the little investing lessons I’m learning along the way. I have a hope that through my experiences you can learn from my mistakes without having to make them yourself.

I’m am definitely at the beginning of my own investing education but I am passionate about learning and growing my own knowledge both because I’m generally fascinated by the world of investing and because I want to grow my heard earned savings with the goal of one day reaching financial freedom. I intend to inform you about what has worked, what hasn’t and the lessons I’ve learnt along the way – I hope you join me for the ride!

I hope you enjoy the site and my stories help you to become a better investor. At the very least I hope you can have a laugh at all my rookie mistakes!

Please feel free to get in touch with me regarding any comments you may have, suggestions for a post topic or even just to say hello. I love hearing from you guys so please do get in touch!

Happy Investing.


The Nude Investor

DISCLAIMER: I am an average mug punter and NOT an qualified financial adviser – none of the information provided on this website should be considered financial advice. It is strongly recommended that you should undertake thorough research before making any investment decisions.


The Nude Investor