A Long Awaited Update – From Nude Investor to Professional Investor

Dear Nude Investor Readers,

Ohh how time flies – it’s been almost exactly a year since you last heard from me. No I haven’t died (as some of you have asked), nor have I given up on the blog (or writing blog posts), but boy what a year we’ve had.

We’ve witnessed events like gold finally breaking out from a five year down trend as I happened to predict it might in my second to last blog post (almost at the bottom of the cycle, to the day), Trump defying popular belief to win the U.S. presidential race (what a spectacle that has been) all the while major global equity markets have been breaking out in spectacular fashion to new all-time highs.

Over this time I have gone through some significant changes in my life that have affected how I’m able to run The Nude Investor. Firstly I finally received my green card that allows me to work in my new home – the USA. That has meant that after a 12 month hiatus from the workforce, I was once again able to look for gainful employment.

To my pleasant surprise, I ensamded up landing what can only be described as my dream job at globally renowned investment firm, Sprott Global Resource Investments. This initially meant working
as an assistant for six months as I studied and eventually passed a series of financial license exams (including the six hour long(!) Series 7), before starting as a qualified investment executive in September last year (2016). Needless to say working in the financial industry has been a HUGE change from the engineering world, but I’m loving it.

With the job came a whole new strict set of restrictions on what I can and more importantly, what I cannot post online, courtesy of the brutally tough U.S. compliance laws for financial professionals. This has been the reason for my absence from The Nude Investor over the past year.

However, I haven’t been completely absent from the blogosphere and have been instead writing for Sprotts existing publication platform Sprotts Thoughts. You can check out some of my articles I’ve written over the past year below:

The Technical Case For The New Gold Bull Market

A Snapshot of How Trump’s Election Affected Gold Commodities and Major Markets Last Week

December 2016 – Precious Metals Market Commentary

Now, whilst I wish I could say I’m about to get back on the posting bandwagon, I am going to say that I’ve been given the go-ahead to post on Twitter (something I’m relatively new to), thus moving forward, that is the medium you should follow me on.

>>>>  <<<<

So…if you haven’t already, jump on your twitter account and follow me on my twitter handle @TheNudeInvestor to be kept up-to-date with what I’m up to, as well as what I’m into (market wise). I’ll be posting all my Sprotts Thoughts as well as general market thoughts and commentary, so you definitely want to get on there and add me.

So, I guess this is simply my “IM BACK” post (at least as far as Twitter goes). I hope you’ve all been keeping well and I look forward to interacting with you via Twitter.


Sam, a.k.a. The Nude Investor

P.S. I would urge you to read my latest piece on cobalt, probably the most interesting commodity I see out there right now:

Why Cobalt (Not Lithium) Could Be The Battery Boom’s Big Commodity Winner

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