Portfolio Update – 2nd October, 2015

Hey guys,

As the markets continue to experience volatility, so too does my portfolio. This week saw some more big changes including the closing of a reasonably long held position in Coventry Resources (CYY). I’ve also entered four new positions, all of which are intended to be short term trades (a week to a few months), however this may change as the trades play out.

I’ve also decided to trial a video update, as opposed to written text. This is partly because it’s quicker to produce than typing it all out, and partly because I personally like watching a video over reading a bunch of text.

That’s just my opinion though and would love to hear your feedback as to what you prefer – either comment below or flick me an email with your thoughts!

So here we have it, the first ever Nude Investor Portfolio Update video:

Below is a table outlining the stocks in my portfolio. I hope you all have a good week and please let me know what you think about the video format!

Happy investing,

The Nude Investor

End of Week Portfolio Summary for 9th September, 2015

Stock Average Buy In ($) Last Close ($) Last Reports Close ($) Change Since Last Report Overall Change (%)
AJX 0.574 0.960 0.900 +7% +67%
AQD 0.022 0.020 0.018 -28% -10%
AZS 0.033 0.038 +15%
BRN 0.089 0.315 0.150 0% +254%
CHP 0.008 0.008 0%
CYY 0.025 POSITION CLOSED @ $0.072 average for 188% gain
LWP 0.006 0.009 0.010 -10% +50%
PLP 0.010 0.008 -20%
PSY 0.250 0.190 24%