Portfolio Update for Week Ending 3rd July, 2015


I spent last week in the beautiful Sequoia National Park, therefore it was a week away from the computer and my portfolio, i.e. not much for me to comment on. In other news though, you should all take the chance to explore Sequoia if you’re ever in the neighborhood – it’s a beautiful spot and Americans really do know how to do the whole “national park” camping setup.

As far as my stocks go, CYY had another standout week and I’m now up over 100%. Turns out selling some of my under performing stocks so that I could add to my CYY holding was a very good idea. CYY is actually starting to look a little bit “frothy” as of now. I will look to take a chunk of profit off the table this week and depending on how trading goes and look to buy back in lower prior to drill results.

Ignore the 50% decline in DUO, as each “pip” up or down currently moves the stock 50%. Still well and truly my biggest dog.

Other than that, CL8 and AZK continued to under perform. Both are in danger of breaking lower at this stage.

RVR is holding up and I expect to see some rise here soon based on the bullish divergence I’m seeing on the charts.

AJX had another mixed week and is still trading within it’s typical range. It’s still making higher highs and lows, which suggests we may end up re-testing the all time high 80c resistance before too long.

The other big thing that is going to affect markets in the near term is the pending “Grexit”, or greek exit from the Euro-zone. The referendum undertaken over the weekend suggested Greeks overwhelmingly reject the Austerity measures that form part of their proposed bailout plan and it looks highly likely that Greece will exit the Euro-zone, at least temporarily.

Some are predicting this could cause the next “GFC” type financial crisis and I am expecting markets to open sharply lower, caused by some panic selling. However, I think a rebound is highly likely and I doubt we will see serious long term market repercussions.

Why do I think this? Typical risk markets such as gold have not shown any significant rises as of late, which would typically happen around times of uncertainty. This would suggest to me that the powers that be are not worried about a widespread market panic. I will be keeping an eye out for rapid rises in these risk off markets as a sign of significant weakness to come in the broader market.

Have a good week all.


The Nude Investor.

End of Week Portfolio Summary 03/07/15

Stock Average Buy In ($) Weekly Close ($) Last Weeks Close ($) Weekly Change Overall Change (%)
AJX 0.473 0.670 0.670 0% +42%
AQD 0.022 0.025 0.024 +4% +13%
AZK 0.089 0.130 0.140 -7% +46%
CL8O 0.011 0.010 0.013 -23% -10%
CYY 0.025 0.056 0.041 +37% +128%
CZN 0.009 0.006 0.006 0% -33%
DUO 0.005 0.001 0.002 -50% -80%
LWP 0.006 0.011 0.011 0% +83%
RVR 0.186 0.165 0.165 0% -11%