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Welcome to the product review section of The Nude Investor.

Anyone that’s searched online for an honest appraisal of a product or service knows that the internet is literally filled with junk “review” websites that are based on nothing more than fabricated stories that exist for the sole purpose of trying to make a quick buck off the ill informed consumer.

Here at The Nude Investor, I only review products that I have personally had experience with. I guarantee that all my reviews are based on my own, genuine experience and hope that by sharing my thoughts with you, I’ll be able to provide you with an honest account of these products and services.

After all, I’m just an every day “mom and dad” kind of investor, just like you.

I hope you find the reviews useful and please get in touch with any questions, concerns or requests via our Contact Us page.


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I will attempt to make sure all information contained in my reviews is accurate at the time of posting. However, products and services are often modified and can change over time and I cannot guarantee all reviews will contain up to date information at the time of reading.

Furthermore I am not a financial adviser and any opinion presented in these reviews is my opinion only. Please contact a qualified financial advisor before making any significant purchase.

Some of my reviews will contain links to a website in which you can purchase the product, should you wish to do so after reading a review. Some reviews may contain affiliate links, which means I will get a commission should you purchase the product through my link. I will disclose any affiliate relationship I have with a product or service in the review if affiliate links are present.